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It was wonderful to allow a professional such as Ria, who clearly takes care of her own body and mind, to control the energy that flowed through my body

Chris D

I had no idea how much energy can get trapped in the body and after my treatment I had a full body release on a physical and emotional level. It was so powerful.

Teresa M

I had the best nights sleep I've had in a long time after your massage. Really deep and all the way through which never happens! Thank you again and thank you for really hearing me and being present throughout whilst I was speaking my truth

Suzie P

I have started on a journey because of her. Down a path I would never have walked. For that I will always be grateful.

Mark S

Overall this experience has opened my mind and given me more motivation and drive. Ria is an excellent practitioner who is experienced, welcoming and knowledgable in a wide variety of mind body spirit subjects

Jon L

Before meeting Ria and maybe without even knowing it, I was a little lost. I certainly had a feeling that I needed more from life and I guess that I was subconsciously looking for some guidance. With Ria’s help  I’m now on a path that I would never have guessed I’d be taking - more mindful and thoughtful, kind and considerate, spiritual and grateful. Who’d have thought that booking a massage would lead me to expand so much in my wider life and by consequence, help my loved ones and those around me too. The Universe works in mysterious ways!!


Ria is a special person with a magical touch, extremely skilled in massage and its associated arts. You are taken on a marvellous journey by someone who really knows what they are doing and cares about it. Cares enough in fact to continue learning and exploring new ways to help. There’s always some wonderful conversation along the way, which I find helps me concentrate on life’s positives and shut out the negatives. Each meeting leaves me relaxed, happy, content and floating on air.


I’ve found calmness, serenity and deep relaxation. Now I’m sleeping better and feel more alive, with greater energy and mindful awareness. Thank you, Ria, for opening my mind and introducing me to new life-enhancing possibilities.


I'm sat here feeling such a range of emotions after my very first session with Ria..  joy... amazement... a little sadness..  and just a blissful energy still remains in my body! As a 52year old woman to experience this level of deep communion and vulnerability with another woman for the first time was truly beyond magical!!! I felt speechless afterwards and still do now. Words cannot do justice for the level of beautiful intimacy I experienced, which at one point was so deeply nurturing and felt so exquisite it brought tears. Ria has a beautiful gentle comforting feminine energy and I felt held and safe during this new experience for me.  I still feel I am processing what I felt but it has certainly opened a door for me... one I wish to discover more about.I cannot thank Ria enough. The level of kindness and acceptance I felt from her really touched me. If you are at all unsure whether this experience is for you... I would say wholeheartedly "Go for it!" Allowing myself to be vulnerable has exceeded all my expectations and I feel really blessed to have begun healing the deep wounds of my feminine energy.


2 days ago I went for my first session of Tension Release Exercises with Ria. Prior to the session I'd had a week in which I'd felt uncharacteristically depressed with a great deal of mental and physical tension. Ria suggested that TRE might help and I agreed to give it a go.
The preparatory exercises designed to exhaust the muscles were easy to follow, while the focus and breathing required started to get me out of my head and brought attention to my body. I was surprised how quickly and easily the tremours of tension release began to occur. I could have stopped them but under Ria's instruction I did my best to let them flow. Tremours began around the left hip area and spread to my entire lower spinal and pelvic area, then up to my head and neck. The tremours triggered movement throughout my body which felt involuntary yet I could've stopped them if I'd wanted to. I began to feel a lot less tense, and I felt that the exercises were working on my mind and body. I experienced emotional shifts which I found myself expressing vocally. In other circumstances I could've felt very self-conscious wiggling about on the mat and expressing cries and moans, but Ria held the space very safely and respectfully, and the space is completely private. I felt safe to let it all out and release without judgement. By the end I felt fantastic, nothing like the man who had walked in an hour earlier. My body felt relaxed and balanced as opposed to tense and contorted, and my mood had lightened to the extent that I couldn't stop smiling and laughing, which felt like an active part of the release itself.
I left feeling much better and much happier and lighter with less pain and tension. My experience is that this is a powerful and effective healing modality conducted in a safe and comfortable environment with a skilled and caring practitioner.
Thank you Ria, highly recommended


Ria thank you for yesterday.  I have just read your Crying Game blog. My mother died when I was 9, I didn't cry then and I didn't go to the funeral so, now 61, I'm ace at repressing. I'm still trying to understand what happened in our session but I would like to try it again. I do literally feel more in touch today. You have a gift and your room is such a welcoming space.


My whole body started to shake. I felt all the tension leaving my body and a surge of energy all at the same time. It was a surreal experience. It left me feeling energised and released from all the stress I had been carrying. I can't believe all that happened in one T.R.E session. 

M Richardson

Just to say that the session today was remarkable. I was tense and tight when I arrived but completely relaxed and energised when I left. Your professionalism and caring would be a credit to anyone I teach in healthcare. Your techniques were so clear and effective that I was shocked at how much impact they made on me.


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