September 2, 2017

This is a short blog about the breath.


I want to share with you why breathing, specifically the potent, transformative, liberating effects of conscious breathing, is so important to me and why I practice some kind of breathing routine every day. Being aware of how you breathe and learning different breathing techniques can change your life. It certainly changed mine. 


Several years ago I discovered meditation and the calming response of slowing down the breath. Until then I had paid no attention to how I was breathing and I'd say it was pretty shallow. I often felt sluggish and tired. I discovered, through my research that shallow breathing can lead to all kinds of health problems, the main issue being oxidative stress in the body (oxidation damages cells, tissues and organs.) Whereas, full deep breathing has the opposite effect, a cleansing effect. It brings oxygen to the blood, increasing lung and cardiovascular function. It can ease digestive issues such as bloating and gas and strengthens all major organs. The benefits are extensive actually. I started training myself to be much more aware how I was breathing on a daily basis and honestly, it wasn't that hard to do because it made me feel so good! 8 years on, I am much calmer and happier for it and I'd like to think healthier too.


The breath holds so much power!


Changing the way you breathe can very quickly change your state of mind or your state of being. It can wake you up. Give you energy. Calm you down or help you fall asleep. It can lift your mood. Help you to release emotion. It can move stuck energy pathways in your body. It can arouse you. It can fill you with tingling vibrating energy and blissful sensations. 


I've posted links down below to some of my favourite techniques. I hope you will take the time to try them and let me know if they work for you. 


In love and wholeness,




Morning energy breath


Sleep inducing breath


Vital fire breath


Digestion stimulating breath


An advanced practice













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