Grounding and Sun Gazing

March 11, 2017


We are electric. We live in an electric universe. We are electrical beings much more than we are chemical (which is what modern western doctors would have us believe.) The earth below our feet is also electric. It has an electro magnetic field around it and running through it. The air we swim around in everyday is part of that same field and so is every living thing that exists.




In the last several years in the spring, summer and autumn months you can often find me stood on a field or in a park or the woods, with my shoes off, breathing in the pranic goodness that the earth emits. It is an actual practice, I've not gone nuts (although I'm sure a few of the people who've watched me do it think I have.) The name for barefoot breathing is Grounding. Walking barefoot on the earth which allows for the the transference of free electrons from the ground into your body, up through the feet and into and along what is known in Chinese medicine as meridian lines. I imagine my body to be a circuit board of these energy lines (which can become blocked and congested with toxins, radiation and emotions.) The earth too has these energy pathways, typically known as lay lines. 

I decided to look into what this process can actually do for our health and from my findings, it seems that electrons from the earth have potent antioxidants properties for us alleviating free radical damage. They have an anti inflammatory effect on the body too as inflammation thrives in thick sticky blood. Grounding alleviates the inflammation by thinning the blood and infusing it with negative charged ions. Unfortunately modern footware prevents this circuitry from taking place.



I found some dramatic evidence to support the theory. U.S Cardiologist Dr Stephan Sinatra took these blood samples from volunteers before they grounded to the earth and forty minutes later after they had grounded to the earth. The images to the left show the results of these changes. As you can see there are very visible improvements in blood viscosity. 


In her fascinating website, medical doctor Laura Knives talks about some of the short term and long term benefits of grounding, I will list them for you here or you can check out her website

There are short term and long term benefits to the practice of grounding.


The short term benefits are said to be:

A decrease in muscle tension

Shifts in brain waves and ambient body voltage

Pain levels will drop


Long term benefits are said to be:

Increased organ function

Improved blood viscosity

Increased respiratory rates

Stabilised blood glucose

Increased mineral absorption and thyroid function

Decreased cortisol levels 

And the major one, Anti Aging.

This is due to a big decrease in inflammation. Inflammation is now known to be the leading cause of most major age related diseases. 


Grounding for me is like forrest bathing that I talk about in an earlier blog. It makes you feel good. It lifts my mood and brings me closer to nature and all of creation.


A Sunshine High.


I find that when grounding, if I team it with the interesting and somewhat controversial practice of sun gazing, I create what I call the Holy Trinity. Me as the conduit, the magnetising earth below and the solar energy of the sun above. In my mind, a potent combination! 


I don't need to tell you about the amazing ways the sunshine nourishes us despite the scare mongering and un-nesseceary over precaution and maybe even in some cases down right lies about the dangers of the sun, perpetrated by advertisers, wanting to sell sun protection lotions and designer sun glasses. I know in my core that the sun poses no danger to us providing we are careful. Like any beneficial thing, doing too much of it doesn't always have the same great benefits therefor, it is not advised to sun gaze when the sun is high. Sun rise and sun set is the best and only time it should be practiced as the UV rays are at their lowest and won't damage the eyes. Providing you start slowly, a few minutes at first building up to 10 minutes and you listen to your body. I didn't manage to find any concrete evidence of what it is sun gazing does for health there seems to be little research into the subject but I have however read many articles discussing the ways it may be very beneficial. These included, increased melatonin and serotonin levels, improved sleep patterns, hormonal balance and energy boosting.


I can definitely feel a good, strong, positive charge running through me when I connect to the earth and the sun in this way and I will continue to look a little crazy stood barefoot in a park, when ever the sun blesses me with its big yellow face.


Shine on 















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