Forest Bathing and Tree Hugging

March 11, 2017



My Secret Garden 


When I found myself living near a woodland space 8 years ago, I tentatively began exploring. Initially I went there to walk my boxer dog Coco but very quickly I became enchanted by its ever changing beauty. I began spending more and more time there, observing and listening and just being. Some days I felt pulled, magnetised by the unfathomable, noble powers it contained and the nutritive effects it had on my mind and body. Each time I went I could discernibly feel the calming effects it was having on my nervous system. It became my sanctuary. I fell in love. It became an integral part of my healing and growth process. 

By that time, I had reached a stage in life whereby I knew there were thing I needed to change about myself. I needed a new direction and the woods, the river, the animals and insects all helped me in finding out what those changes need to be.  It seemed to provided a detoxificational environment to helped me heal from the craziness that my 20's had been.

There are chemicals in the the forest which when inhaled supports the human body to heal and regenerate. Forest air is laden with compounds collectively known as phytoncides, air borne chemicals that plants emit to protect themselves from rotting and from insects and it appears we benefit too. Studies have shown inhaling the air in a forrest boosts the the natural killer cells of our immune system which assist in combating disease. Deep breathing this clean nourishing air is life enhancing and as I will discuss in further blogs, breathing itself is the biggest way our body gets rid of toxins and old stuck energy in our bodies. 



Tree buddies.


After a while of going to the woods I noticed there were certain parts that drew me in more than others and certain trees that I liked to visit. There was one tree in particular that I would stand close to and rest my arm around its trunk like you would a good friend. I noticed it had a certain energy that moved me somehow. Being near its energy enabled me to release trapped emotion and sometimes I'd stand there resting my head on its strong bark body and I'd literally cry my eyes out. This tree felt like an old soul, always there waiting for me to return with his open branches, ready to transmute the sadness, the hurt and the pain with its beautiful tree love energy. Ahhhhh. I still visit my tree to this day and it still has that same effect on me tho, not to such a big extent as back then. I've done much work on my self over the last 8 years from an emotional and psychological stand point and I have healed much of the trauma I had stored deep within my cellular memory from childhood, adolescence and early adulthood experiences. All the cultural conditioning and societal expectations all started to break away. I began to feel much more balanced and whole. I think this has somewhat to do with vibration too. When you touch a tree, its vibrational pattern (everything in existence is oscillating at a different vibrational frequency) starts to affect various biological behaviours in the body in extremely positive ways. Tress help to raise your vibration, the higher our vibration the better we feel. It's that simple. It's incredible to think that nature has such transmutational effects on us. We just have to touch it and feel it, to believe it.


Next time you go the the forest, the woods, local park or nature reserve, put your arms around a tree and listen. I believe they have infinite wisdom to share with us and a kind giving energy signature you can palpably feel if you allow yourself to be in stillness with it.


If you listen to a tree it will always tell you the truth.








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