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March 5, 2017


I love what I do. I love to make people feel good. From a very young age I was aware of the healing, soothing nature of touch, of skin on skin. I was forever asking my mother to tickle my back or my head or my feet. I was aware even then, of its transformative effects. It nourishes us from the outside- in. Each surface stimuli travels along neural pathways, up the spinal chord and enters and gathers in the deep folds of our brain. It is immune boosting, oxygenating, hormone regulating, the benefits are extensive.

I like to make the analogy that our bodies are like musical instruments, by tuning into the unique octaves of an individual using conscious touch, it alchemises the senses, allowing you to surrender to its resonant physical and emotional releasing and, just like music, it can be profoundly healing and exquisitely pleasurable. 

Touch, massage and body work are the main elements of what I do. I also encompass breath work, sound and energy therapy (which I will talk about in other posts.) The way in which I work has grown organically but the back bone of the my massage style is Swedish and I also incorporate elements of Lomi Lomi. I work from a state of flow which is deeply relaxing as opposed to remedial. Soothing and not too deep unless specified. 


I also offer a range of trauma releasing exercises and techniques which i will be writing about in future blogs. 


In love and wholeness 









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